All our treehouses are original, one-of-a-kind creations. They are completely handmade in our little home workshop in Mount Evelyn.


The treehouse platforms are cut from structural plywood, chosen for its high strength and durability; the treehouse "trunks" are made from salvaged branches. 


Due to the nature of the materials and the type of varnish we use, our treehouses are suitable for indoor use only.


We build them in a range of different sizes, starting from our Mini Treehouse that is designed to fit in a standard cube shelf and is therefore suitable for smaller spaces right up to a 7 platform treehouse made to keep a kindergarten full of children entertained for hours. 

All of our treehouses are supplied as one sturdy, solid unit ready for play. No assembly required and no loose parts to lose. 


Small Treehouses

Dimensions 50cm x 35cm, 42cm high

These treehouses are a great addition to any kids bedroom, encouraging imaginative play.

3 platforms: $209

4 platforms: $249

Mini Treehouse $139

(31cm high, 30cm wide, 32cm deep)

Medium Treehouses

Dimensions 60cm x 40cm, 62cm high

Perfect for 2 or 3 children, these treehouses promise hours of creative play. Keep your children's imagination busy with one of these!

5 platforms: $339

6 platforms: $379

7 platform treehouse Emmy1.jpg

Large Treehouses

Dimensions 80cm x 45cm, 72cm high

These are perfect for preschools and childcare centres. With more height and more platforms, these treehouses have plenty of room for a number of kids to play together.

These are made to order. Contact us for delivery times!

Email: info@tisfortreehouse.com.au

7 platforms: $489